Tuesday, September 13, 2016

English Language Learning Journey

It have been many years since I first learned english. However, the learning journey was challenging and tough for me as i was weak in languages. Furthermore, i dislike reading books as i have no interest in it. Whenever i start reading a book, i would end up dozing off. Since young, i have also been constantly nagged at by my parents to read newspaper and to watch the news. Initially, i did as told but after a few weeks, i started to feel bored and was sick of it thus i gave up everything.

During my four years in secondary school, my english grades have always been poor. I often have difficulty writing an essay as i hardly practised writing. The only way is to memorise good phases and put them in use however, that was not a permanent solution. Occasionally, i also could not understand certain phrase or sentences  that i came across in my tests thus making me feel frustrated.  Despite all these, i managed to pass my exams.

Though i dislikes reading, i realised that english language can be learned through other ways. One way is through interaction. By interacting with friends, colleagues, and superiors, i have improved my english and even learned new words. Whenever i made a mistake, my friends or colleagues would correct me and explained the reason behind it. This gave me a better understanding of the word. Another way is through watching movies or shows. From the subtitles, i could tell how certain words are used.

From these experiences, I felt that the key to learning english is through reading and interactions. They allow you to gain knowlege of new words and understand how they are being used. However, every individual has its own method of learning. It depends on their peferences and the way they work. Ultimately, choose something that you like and is suitable for you. Saying that, i will continue my english leaning journey by improving my english.

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  1. Hi, Weijun!

    After reading your post about your English Language Journey, I totally understand how you felt as it could relate back to me.

    There are a few minor problems in this essay that i had identified. Let us learn English together!

    1. "english" >>> (English is an adjective derived from a proper noun, it should retain its capitalization)...

    2. "i" >>> (The pronoun I should always be capitalized)..

    3. "knowlege" >>> (Misspelled word) knowledge...

    4. "i will continue my english leaning" >>> (Misspelled word) I will continue my English learning...

    Despite the problems, this is a thoroughly enjoyable to read and understanding your learning journey... Thanks again!

    Warmest Regards,

  2. Thank you for writing a clear and concise summary on your English language learning journey. I faced the same problem as you during my secondary education. Reading had been one of the least favourite things that I would do, while reading I would often fell asleep also.
    There are a few minor problems in this letter that I would like to address.

    1.) “The only way is to memorise good phases">>>>>> spelling (memorize and phrases)

    2.)“Knowlege” >>>>> spelling (Knowledge)

    3.)“i could tell how certain words are used.” >>>>>> (I could understand….)

    Despite the minor problems , It is a well written summary. You have certainly had an impactful journey where English language learning is concerned. Thanks for sharing those experiences with us.

    Cheers ,

  3. Thank you, Weijun, for the frank self-appraisal in this reflection on your English language learning. It is clear from your comprehensive and detailed description that learning English was/has been a serious burden for you. Still, your attitude has evolved and you now seem to face the task with a better understanding of what real learning entails.

    Your peers have given you constructive feedback on this post. Let me add to that by suggesting that you try to avoid "speaking" to the reader with phrase such as these, which include the pronoun 'you':
    ---They allow you to gain knowlege of new words and understand how they are being used.
    --- Ultimately, choose something that you like and is suitable for you.
    In short, in academic writing, even on a blog such as this, it is important to adopt a more impersonal, less chatty approach.

    I appreciate your effort!

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