Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Summary & Thesis

The article “The Concrete Advantage” taken from the Green Rooftop website provides readers the advantages and disadvantages of concrete green roof. According to the article, the process of design, construction and maintenance will be shortened in projects using waterproof concrete as membranes are not required for the development . This in turn leads to higher work efficiency and  reduces the overall cost of the project. On the other hand, the main downfall would be  additional construction cost.

The article mentions that the waterproof concrete contains permanent ""built in"" waterproofing elements that cannot be damaged or torn during service.  This will lead to progressed construction schedule by several weeks and improve project feasibility. Cracks can also be repaired quickly with a simple inoculation from the bottom side of the green roof deck, which does not disrupt growing medium or plants. With lesser exposure risk for owners and designers, such green roofs are more economical which boost return on investment and project value. In addition, this hydrophobic technology removes dangerous element for the designer and owner of a green roof, increases financial viability, and enhances owner acceptance. In all, this project has higher sustainability and a lower life-cycle cost. While this may be true, the lack of analysis on the downfall of the product makes the article less reliable and incomplete.

The Concrete Advantages. Retrieved September 20, 2016, from

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