Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Executive Summary for Technical Report

In this proposal, the concerns regarding lights and air conditioners not switched off in classrooms, lecture theaters and laboratories, resulting in higher energy usage are addressed. The group proposes to install sensors in places such as the classrooms, laboratories and lecture theaters in the new Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) at Punggol. In line with SIT President, Dr. Tan Thiam Soon, he mentioned that the new SIT will be a "smart and green campus" that will be consistent with Punggol becoming the first eco-town in Singapore.

The proposal describes the various types of occupancy sensors along with their advantages and disadvantages. The purpose is to evaluate the effectiveness of each type of sensor to determine the most suitable one to be installed in the new SIT campus. Interviews were conducted to obtain more information on the development of the new SIT campus however, the team realized that there was no plan to install sensors in classrooms and lecture theaters. On the other hand, the management team in SIT is planning to conduct tests with regards to installing sensors in SIT classrooms at Nanyang Polytechnic.

With this proposal in place, the team hopes to reduce energy consumption, electrical costs incurred and at the same time bring the new SIT closer to being a smart and green campus.  

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