Sunday, November 20, 2016

Presentation Reflection

On 10th November 2016, I gave a presentation about my problem solution on the implementation of sensors in the new SIT campus at punggol. Presentation has always been one of my greatest fear since young as I was afraid to present in front of a group of people thus I felt extremely nervous at that time. For this presentation, I decided to design my slides according to the tips from Gar Reynolds as I wanted the audience to focus on me instead of the slides. My presentation slides were simple with little wordings but more graphics.

Before the day of presentation, my group members and I rehearsed our scripts numerous times to improve our delivery and language. In addition, we also gave feedbacks to one another to improve on our mistakes. Despite sufficient practices, I did not fare as well as expected due to nervousness. The thought of presenting in front of my classmates sent a chill down my spine. During the presentation, I kept thinking about the content and thus forgot about maintaining  eye contact with the audience. I realised that this is very common among many presenters as they are afraid of forgetting the content. Despite all these, I managed to deliver my presentation fluently but with little expression.

In all, I felt that my engagement with the audience and general stage presence were still lacking. In addition, I realised that presentation is not just about the content. I believed everyone is able to give a simple presentation but not all are able to deliver an interesting presentation that can capture the audience’s attention. I could have performed better if I am well-prepared and have more confidence.  

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  1. Thanks, WeiJun, for this self critical analysis. In it you do a fine job of describing your presentation experience and getting at the heart of your strengths and weaknesses in that regard. I have no doubt that this was a good learning experience for you.

    Best wishes for your next presentation!