Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Technical Report - Email Writing

Dear Mr. Chin
Good day to you. My name is Cherlyn and I am a first-year SIE (Building Services) student. As I am currently in Brad Blackstone’s Effective Communication class, I have been assigned to a group of three including myself and was tasked to identify a problem in school and propose a solution. Our project focuses on sensor devices and as you oversee facilities development and hold a great deal of knowledge in this aspect, we would like to seek your advice regarding our project.
From what we know, lights and air-conditioners are used to illuminate and cool the surrounding for the occupants in the classroom, laboratory etc. As students usually stay back after school to complete their assignments, it is common for them to use the school facilities such as lights and air conditioners. The problem that we realized in school was that not many people have the tendency to switch the air conditioners and lights off before they leave the classrooms and lecture theaters, and this may result in unnecessary cost incurred and electricity will be wasted. To solve this problem, our group propose to come up with a solution which is to install sensors in classrooms and lecture theaters in the new SIT campus located at Punggol.
Our group would like to consult you and obtain some background information regarding the new SIT campus so that we can have a better understanding before we prepare our proposal. The main items that we require clarification for are as follows:
1. May I have more background information on the sensors installed in the current toilets?
2. Are there any plans to install sensors in the new classrooms or lecture theaters?
3. The type of motion sensors that you would recommend? E.g. Vacancy or Occupancy sensor?
4. May I know who will be in charge for the installation of sensor and designing in the new SIT campus in Punggol?
May I know when will be a suitable timing for us to consult you? Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
Yours sincerely,
On behalf of Sensing Sensation

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